Exemode DV308 pocket SD camcorder / MP3 player

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.22.06

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Exemode DV308 pocket SD camcorder / MP3 player
If you've been eyeing all these glitzy SD camcorders, but can't conjure up the coin to afford such niceties, Japan's Exemode has released the DV308 for pocket-sized recording on the cheap. While Panasonic's latest effort may sport 3CCDs, and Sanyo touts 720p, that's not the DV308's game -- with a plain 'ole 3.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, the inability to play nice with SD cards over 2GB, and the not-so-legendary Japanese ODM build quality, this device provides a no frills, inexpensive way to record to SD. The biggest boon is its ability to utilize XviD compression rather than the more typical MPEG-4 / 2, which reportedly allows up to 1.5 hours of recording on a single 2GB card. An apparent last ditch effort to boost the feature set sees an MP3 player thrown into the mix, but this isn't likely to become your DAP of choice anytime soon. While you won't find stunning attributes nor remarkable storage capabilities on this SD camcorder, your wallet will greatly thank you after dropping just ¥19,800 ($171) on the DV308 in late August.

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