Between the darkness and the light: Lunar Knights

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|08.24.06

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Between the darkness and the light: Lunar Knights
Konami with a vampire hunting game? Say it ain't so! But there's nary a Belmont in Lunar Knights (psst, don't call it Boktai), the action RPG coming to the DS in November. Like the newest installment in that other gothic franchise, Lunar Knights features two heroes: Lucian and Aaron. But they're not exactly regular guys -- their power is dependent on a solar cycle, with Lucian's power waxing at night and waning during the day, when Aaron comes to the fore.

The top screen of the DS will display weather and solar cycle effects. This new 'paraSOL' system (how's that for a pun?) will impact every aspect of the game, from the polar opposite heroes to the enemies they face.

As Aaron and Lucian fight to save their futuristic world from a dark fate at the hands of an undead army, they are supported by Terrenials, embodiments of the elements the world is built from. These Terrenials have their own attacks and can enhance the man characters, allowing them to take on even more powerful forms. And just because space vampires are awesome, when the planet-side evil is vanquished, Lucian and Aaron blast off for all new adventures as they try to dispose of their enemies once and for all. We're not quite sure how the light/dark cycle might function there, but the Terrenials, at least, accompany our heroes into the final frontier for further support.
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