New Coded Arms Contagion footage and details

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New Coded Arms Contagion footage and details
Coded Arms Contagion didn't really impress former PSP Fanboy blogger Adam, and looking at new footage posted a few hours ago by Gamespot, it doesn't really seem like the game's shaping up too well. Although the original Coded Arms' randomly generated maps are no more, the controls still look awkward and sluggish, and the graphics and animations don't look too good, especially in light of Konami's other PSP gems. The controls are customizable, and the game will feature 20 hours of story-driven single player gameplay and 8-player online infrastructure multiplayer... but I can't really get too excited for this game. Why not check out some of the footage, and judge for yourself? (Hopefully, the game will shape up a lot more: according to IGN, the game's only 30% complete.)

Watch - Interview with producer
Watch - Gameplay footage
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