GEN H-4 personal helicopter is for realz and for sale

Remember that personal helicopter we peeped last year which some of you didn't think was real? Well, we tracked down the manufacturer and yeah, you guessed it, dug out the price. Ok, it's not exactly the Bell Rocket Belt we were promised back in the 60's when Engadget was an upstart think-tank focusing on emerging technology for the US military. Still, the Japanese built GEN H-4 co-axial helicopter features a 125cc, horizontally opposed 2 cylinder engine capable of launching your ass some 1,000-meters (about half a mile) high at a max speed of 90km/hour, or a bit more than a Sammy Hagar. While it would appear to lessen the risk of setting fire to your nether regions, any margin of safety gained is likely offset by the threat from decapitation. For as the machine translation states: the H-4 is not a finished product, yet is "probably" possible to self-assemble. Oh, ok then, can we just PayPal the ¥3,780,000 (about $32,500) or will a personal check suffice? Yet judging by the photo, it's safe enough for children to operate so let's not go all pansy just yet.

[Via Impress]