Philips Research shows off dandy Lumalive

We're certainly no strangers to electroluminescent or LED-lit visual cacophony 'round these parts, even when occasionally integrated into clothing. But you or your buds score +400 nerd points if you're brave enough to sport Philips Research's new Lumalive, a low-power flexible array of colored LEDs meshed into a garment's fabric, which they're prepping to show off at IFA Berlin. Apparently the "high-impact medium" can be used to deliver "dynamic ads" -- as if our clothing wasn't already enough an advertisement (then again, maybe our threads can start paying for themselves). Either way, media isn't the only thing it's good for; as usual, Philips is taking on the color therapy angle, positing the mental health bebefits to be reaped by those exposed to the soothing, mood-enhancing shades when, for example, their curtains are Lumalive enabled.

[Via Physorg]