Final Fantasy III figurines

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|08.28.06

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Final Fantasy III figurines

Alright fanboys and fangirls, Final Fantasy III is out in Japan and America has a release date. You have seen the millions of videos, screens, previews, news articles, pictures from E3, web site, wallpapers, special Crystal DS Lite and more. We bet you didn't think that there could possibly be something else Final Fantasy III, did you?

Well, there is! It's time to squeeze the last drops of milk from the Final Fantasy cash cow and put out some FF III figurines. We aren't sure if these tiny guys are for sale or if they are going to be for sale but they sure are, brace yourself, cute!

These, in our opinion, aren't as cool as most FF figurines, (Bahamut pwns) but they carry a different kind of air to them. Suddenly, we are reminded of Final Fantasy Tactics...

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