Humax releases 32-inch LCD with built-in dual-tuner PVR

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Donald Melanson
August 28th, 2006
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Humax releases 32-inch LCD with built-in dual-tuner PVR
Humax continues to rock the all-in-one bizness with its latest 32-inch LCD TV, the LP32-TDR1, which manages to cram a 160GB PVR with twin Freeview tuners into its otherwise unassuming set. The usual specs like resolution, contrast ratio, and response time are a bit hard to come by, but it is apparently equipped with a CI slot for subscription content, component, composite , s-video, and "PC" ports, (not sure if that means VGA or DVI), two RGB SCART jacks and, most importantly, an HDMI connector, something Humax's earlier TVs lacked. Price is £900, or about $1,700 for those of us this side of the pond.

[Via Slashgear]
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