"I" robot coming to a train station near you...

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"I" robot coming to a train station near you...
...if you live in Japan, that is, where East Japan Railway Company is already testing a guide robot / impending doom machine innocuously dubbed "I." Before plotting to take over our mass transportation systems, the four-foot-tall "I" will help you on your way by displaying various information on its chest, reading your Suica card, and phoning a customer service rep if you need additional assistance. And despite appearances, the bot is fully mobile, able to motor throughout the station on its wheels and spin around in place. While its duties are fairly limited for now, the company says it could eventually work at customer service windows, assist other station workers, and even perform security patrols around stations -- along with serving as an attractive target for roving gangs of punks. C'mon, people. Robots and security? How many times do we have to warn you?

[Via Pink Tentacle]
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