Let's bust some myths! Game-related only, please

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|08.30.06

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Nick Doerr
August 30th, 2006
Let's bust some myths! Game-related only, please
Loyd Case writes a pretty cool article where he tries to debunk ten of the most common myths held more as fact. We'll outline the myths and whether or not ps3fanboy agrees with them and you can feel free to give us your two cents also!

  1. PS3 will fail -- Case debunks this rumor, citing console cycles and a worst case scenario that isn't so bad. We agree with his conclusion!
  2. PC games are doomed! -- this is easily debunked... some games just don't deliver the same experience as can be given through a mouse and keyboard. We agree.
  3. You need a $500 graphics card -- simply untrue for most games on the PC, really. More reliant on the CPU. Agreed!
  4. Console games are for twitch gamers -- what? This is a dumb myth. RPG's aren't twitchy, nor are strategy games (Fire Emblem on GameCube was slow-paced and fairly difficult to keep your members alive... being twitchy there would certainly spell doom). This myth is untrue.
  5. Handheld games are for kids -- no. There are some tough ones and some that simply aren't made with kids in mind (Brain Age is cited, we again call upon the power of Fire Emblem -- fun for kids and adults, too). Myth busted!
  6. Console games are too simple -- this doesn't deserve going into. Play Devil May Cry 3 and then say console games are simple or easy. That wasn't brought up (Loyd Case doesn't even have a PS2) but hey. It should have. Busted!
  7. PC Games are too complicated -- the man says no, but we're going to disagree slightly. Some PC game interfaces are unnecessarily complex and some (left-handed people in particular) may have more trouble controlling the keyboard/mouse combo. What we agree with is learning curves: just keep trying and you'll be fine in a few hours. Myth... plausible.
  8. PC copy protection is onerous -- complaining about inserting the CD to play their PC game? Consoles do that. Everything else mentioned is completely reasonable (excepting one or two examples). So this myth has been overcome.
  9. Games are too violent -- yawn! Compare games to movies or tv -- for every act of violence of sexual reference in games, there's an equal or greater amount on tv. Conversely, for every violent movie/game, there's a lovely CG kids movie/game.
  10. Embarassment about gaming -- Not really a myth, just a culturally forced stereotype. We're not all socially inept. We just have passion for a unique and maturing hobby. Don't be ashamed to nerd it up, guys!

That was fun, if a bit long. Well, anyone have any disagreements, further examples, etc? We'd love to hear them!
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