Sharp unveils new 52-, 46- and 42-inch Aquos 1080p LCDs

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Sharp unveils new 52-, 46- and 42-inch Aquos 1080p LCDs
Sony and Samsung have taken control of the LCD market , but Sharp's Aquos is ready to take the lead back, as shown by their lineup unveiled yesterday. Their 1080p LCD HDTVs all share a choice of side or under speaker design,450 cd/m2 brightness level, "worlds highest" 2000:1 contrast ratio, 4ms refresh rate and Familink HDMI control technology. These sets are also the first to come from Sharp's 8th generation plant, enabling them to cut three 46-inch screens from one panel instead of just two, increasing production capacity and lowering costs. Sharp lost their crown as LCD market leader due to an inability to keep up with Sony and Samsung's production, but they don't expect to start 8G production until next year. As a result, while Sony's KDL-52X2500 is priced at 800,000 yen ($6,856 US), Sharp's LC-52GX1W is only 600,000 yen ($5,135 US) which appear to also put it below the $5,999 MSRP of the Samsung LN-S5296D. The 52-inch and the 46-inch LC-46GX1W (500,000 yen - $4,279 US) are slated to ship in Japan October 1st, while the 42-inch LC-42GX1W (450,000 yen - $3,851 US) will follow on November 10th.

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