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ThinkSecret writes for PC Mag; predicts updated Mac mini

Dan Pourhadi
Dan Pourhadi|August 31, 2006 6:15 PM
PC Magazine today announced a new bi-weekly editorial column called OpenApple, penned by none other than the infamous ThinkSecret staff.

Wait...really? OK. Cool, I think.

According to PC Mag, OpenApple is "designed to help our readers bridge the shrinking gap between the Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs. The staff of ThinkSecret will be sharing news, insights, and analysis in a column running every other week." And in their first column, DePlume and Co. cover Apple's firing of Leopard-downloading employees, the predicted Mac mini update right around the corner, and the slow demise of Apple's keynote dependency.

Not much news in the way of the Mac mini update: ThinkSecret basically says that, um, yes, it will be updated soon in the form of a minor speedbump -- though with little to no fanfare.

Check out the full article for more Information You Already Know. I'm still reeling from their decision to hire the sketchy ThinkSecret staff (what, WIN bloggers not good enough for ya?) -- with ThinkSecret's declining track record and their shady reporting practices, PC Mag seems to be stepping onto thin ice. Hey, it's what Real journalists are supposed to do, right? But at least now they have someone to combat the blabber spewed by the mag's certain other columnists.

[via MacDailyNews]