Solar-powered wheelchair (not as bad as you think)

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Donald Melanson
September 1, 2006 5:36 PM
Solar-powered wheelchair (not as bad as you think)
Australian Bob Triming wasn't satisfied with the power output of his electric wheelchair, so he did what anyone (with mad DIY skillz) would do, and rigged up an elaborate solar-power system to it -- stickin' it to the man while squeezing out an extra 30 minutes of power on sunny days. The rig consists of a pair of 20-watt solar panels that deliver the 24 volts required by the wheelchair, which, when not in use, can be detached or double as a handy umbrella. Of course no DIY project would be complete without LEDs, which Bob's got covered by tricking out the side and rear of the chair with a couple non-power-hungry lights to improve visibility. Thankfully it appears that the enhanced ride will still function just fine as a regular electric wheelchair, so you don't have to be worried about Bob getting stranded when the sun refuses to cooperate.

[Via The Raw Feed]
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