Korea's latest DMB receiver: the Hampex T300CR

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Korea's latest DMB receiver: the Hampex T300CR
As if South Koreans didn't have enough DMB / PMP devices to keep themselves occupied, Hampex has thrown down the rather uninspiring looking HDMB-T300CR, a DMB receiver with a 3.5-inch display that can view and record digital media broadcasts. The company decided to go down the DIY-route with this player, opting for an empty SD slot over an internal hard drive or built-in flash memory. Once you've plugged in up to 2GB of SD memory, you'll be able to start recording your favorite Korean TV and digital radio shows thanks to the hardwired H.264 decoder and PAL/NTSC video encoder chipsets. The receiver is currently selling in Korea at around 180,000 won, but as always, we're not optimistic that this'll ever hit American soil, let alone at the sub-$200 price you get after conversion.

[Via Akihabara News]
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