Madden 07 sells 2 million copies, breaks records

Chris Powell
C. Powell|09.02.06

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Chris Powell
September 2nd, 2006
Madden 07 sells 2 million copies, breaks records
Madden 07 sells 2 million copies, breaks sales recordsI have to admit I've always been one of those anti-Madden snobs who would make fun of their friends for spending $50 every year to what usually amounts to new rosters. But today, I picked up Madden 07 on the PSP, and I gotta say, the game is incredibly fun.

So with that said, I find it great to hear the game has broken all kinds of sales records. EA has said the game has sold more than two million copies in its first week of release, which is the most in its 17-year history. Additionally, sales have increased 12 percent from last year's roster update game.

"We put a ton of innovation into Madden NFL 07 from new game modes and controls to NFL Superstar Hall of Fame," said Todd Sitrin, EA Vice President of Marketing. "Consumers are the most meaningful judge of game quality and based on sales and the record-setting online activity, our toughest critics think Madden NFL has delivered another great game experience."

Well, laugh it up EA; it looks like you've got yourself another successful year of Madden on your hands. Also, did you know there have been more than 53 million copies of the Madden franchise sold to date? That's beyond ridiculous.

(Via PSP Advanced)
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