China rolls its own digital television standard

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.04.06

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China rolls its own digital television standard
Somehow, when we weren't looking, China decided to thumb its nose at the myriad of global digital television standards. On August 18, the Standardization Administration of China approved DMB-T, its new digital television standard for the world's largest television market. No, it's not the same format that the South Koreans have chosen to adopt, called T-DMB. According to PC World India, this will become the new standard in China by August 1, 2007. Apparently the Middle Kingdom's digital television market is worth a staggering $125 billion, ($100 per person), or about $300 for each of the 400 million television set owners. Still no word on whether or not Hu Jintao has booked the Dave Matthews Band to play the launch date of DMB-T, though.

[Via PC World India]
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