Did You Hear Steve Irwin Died?

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.04.06

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Mike Schramm
September 4th, 2006
Did You Hear Steve Irwin Died?
Boy, MBAzeroth hit the nail on the head with this one. Raise your hand if you heard about the sad death of the Crocodile Hunter from the LFG or the Trade channel. I must have heard about five or six of these conversations this weekend (and even I threw a "no way" in the /raid chat when I first heard about it).

"[3. Trade][Rokusha]: died from stingray barb tot he hbeart
[3. Trade][Ampersand]: so sad
[3. Trade][Gunor]: YEAH
[3. Trade][Bigjim]: thats what he gets for f'n with animals.
[3. Trade][Carnivera]: the stingray rolled a crit with its barb "20"
[3. Trade][Aborted]: that was a 62 elite Stingray tho
[3. Trade][Halfmoo]: Probably named as well.
[3. Trade][Clownshoes]: I can't beleave that happen by a sting ray
[3. Trade][Halfmoo]: Only a named stingray could bring down my man steve.
[3. Trade][Crilogan]: and it was a named raid boss
[3. Trade][Carnivera]: yep."

What is it about WoW players that attracts us to this story? Maybe it's just because everyone was online playing when this happened over the holiday weekend, but nobody was talking about the VMAs or even the Lamont victory when that stuff happened last month. For some reason, when it comes to this culture, it's Steve Irwin and Chuck Norris that piques our interest.

And for the record, RIP Steve. No matter how much you guys joke about it, the man was an icon, raised awareness of wildlife and conservation issues all over the world, and he left behind a wife and two children that (I remember seeing on one of his shows at one point) he loved very much.
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