PSP still one of the "top 10 must-haves"

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Andrew Yoon
September 6, 2006 10:00 PM
PSP still one of the "top 10 must-haves"

Need ammunition for the strange YouTube video flame war building between PSP Fanboy and DS Fanboy? Well, here's one for you guys: CNET's constantly updated "top 10 must-haves" still has your beloved handheld on the list. The PSP joins other gadgets, such as the incredible Motorola Q, Toshiba Gigabeat S, the Slingbox, the Xbox 360 and Canon PowerShot S80. Here's what the CNET folks had to say:
"The Sony PlayStation Portable was the portable gadget of 2005. If you haven't gotten yet, you must not have seen one in action. The screen alone will make you salivate. So much more than a portable gaming console, it also plays music and movies. Not only does it look hot, it also has outstanding sound and graphics, a built-in Memory Stick Duo slot, and Wi-Fi."
You get a lot of bang for your buck with the PSP. Considering how the PSP costs only $200, that's a lot cheaper than most of the items on this acclaimed list.

[Via 1UP Boards]
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