Third Wave's new tiny MP3 player and integrated speaker

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.08.06

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Third Wave's new tiny MP3 player and integrated speaker
Japan often comes out with sweet stuff (we're looking at you, moon-colonizing robots), and this latest MP3 player with a built-in speaker carries that novelty torch. While we don't have much to go on besides Third Wave's site and a few scattered hits across the web, we are nevertheless intrigued. The nameless player (we don't read Japanese, remember -- these guys do, though) comes with a little 6W woofer and a pair of 3W tweeters (collectively called the "Speaker 8030"), all inside a little cylindrical case that measures 6.7 inches tall and is 4 inches across. It'll hold a half gig's worth of songs, and the company will even throw in a remote for about $45 (¥5,280) and is available starting September 8. Now instead of lugging around that boombox on your shoulder, you probably could loop this onto your sunglasses -- yeah, that'd be totally sweet.

[Via AV Watch]
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