Enchanted Arms grabbing PS3

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|09.11.06

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Enchanted Arms grabbing PS3
It's easy to be the life of the party when you're the only one attending. Enchanted Arms is generally acknowledged to be an entertaining, albeit unremarkable, game that has gained a bit more attention simply for being the first traditional Japanese RPG to hit the Xbox 360. It may even wind up beating others to the magical punch (that's a play on enchanted limbs and the earlier party analogy, you see) on Sony's next-gen console, as the game's official website now indicates that a PS3 version is in the works.

Ubisoft has yet to announce intentions to publish an English version again, but such information should likely arise once the Tokyo Game Show kicks off later this month and a firm release date emerges from, err, From Software. If you plan on foregoing the Xbox 360 version in favor of this one, you can look forward to a motley group of heroes, an ineptly imprisoned ancient evil and an adventure which the Official Xbox 360 Magazine (UK) calls a "most likable cult oddity."

[Via Eurogamer]

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