Last Week in Warcraft: Sept 4th - 10th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|09.11.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Sept 4th - 10th

The Burning Crusade

Rumors on the changes to professions coming with the increased level and skill cap in the expansion.
Rumors on the priest and druid changes coming up.
There will be a free respec for all players when the expansion is released.
We've got leaked voice files for the Draenei and Blood Elves.
More possible BC priest information.
No hunter love yet?
Yet more BC leaks.
The Burning Crusade story so far.

Breakfast Topics & discussion

Do you prefer to travel by boat or scenic gryphon?
Does life imitate WoW, or vice versa?
You knew your group was doomed when....?
How many alts do you have?
Close encounters of the newbie kind.
Suffering through child's play in WoW.
Easy come, easy go - but where does your gold go?
Help David decide which class to play next!
Blizzard has teamed with J!NX to provide some Blizzard-branded clothing, but... would you wear this stuff?

Is there just too much honor in cross-realm battlegrounds?

Another interesting Chinese advertisement for Warcraft.

Tips & tricks
How to hit level 60 in style!
How to keep yourself up to date with Azeroth's lore.
How to be a good player.
I think it may be more of an art, but Mike claims there's a science to /gquitting.

Latest comic contest honorable mention.

Maintenance & realm status
Blizzard will be compensating players for downtime on some realms - but which realms, we don't yet know.
Some Sunday night downtime for US players.

In this week's GuildWatch, we learn about the mysterious "order 66."
EU horde guild Nihilum gets Kel'Thuzad to 1%.
EU horde guild Nihilum brings Kel'Thuzad crashing down for a world first!
Hardcore raiding, one month in.
The guild Risen has assembled the world's first Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.

Blizzard news
Rob Pardo talks about Blizzard's development process at the Austin Game Conference.
Announced at the Austin Game Conference - World of Warcraft has reached 7 million total subscribers.

Other items of interest
If you've been on any chat channel at all over the past week, you would have had trouble missing the fact that Steve Irwin has died.
The New York Times talks about Warcraft's success.
In-game Steve Irwin memorial service.
Phat Loot Phriday presents: Wirt's Third Leg.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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