Robot hospital: the doctor will 011100110110010101100101 you now

Evan Blass
E. Blass|09.11.06

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Robot hospital: the doctor will 011100110110010101100101 you now
We've certainly seen our fair share of robotic surgeons, nursebots, and robopharmacists around here, but what happens when it's the robots themselves that need a little medical attention? Why you ship them off to Osaka, Japan's Akazawa Roboclinic, of course. Although some people might write off the recently-opened clinic-- which is run by Systec Akazawa, makers of the skateboarding, Bluetooth-controlled PLEN bot -- as little more than a repair shop, the employees apparently conduct themselves in a very professional manner, donning traditional hospital lab coats and dividing the space into examination, operating, and rehabilitation rooms. The hospital is currently staffed by just four "physicians" led by a Dr. Ohno, who says that the most common maladies they encounter are faulty motors, fractured frames, and severed wires. So before sending your malfunctioning Robosapien, decapitated Qrio, or rabid Aibo to that great mechatronic heaven in the sky (a.k.a. your local landfill), spend a few bucks on a long distance call to Akazawa -- they may just be able to fix up your beloved robotic companion and return him/her as good as new.

[Via Robot Gossip and Loving the Machine]
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