Driverless car invades China, threatens pedestrians

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Driverless car invades China, threatens pedestrians
You probably won't see this blazing across the Mojave desert in the next DARPA Grand Challenge, but this driverless luxury car may soon be chauffeuring a select few through the streets of China -- at what expense to other drivers and pedestrians, we're not so sure. The vehicle itself is an FAW Hongqi (Red Flag) HQ3 sedan equipped with two cameras to relay information to an onboard computer, which'll supposedly navigate its way down streets, make turns, and adapt to its environment. In a demonstration at the Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo, the car topped out at a paltry 37 mph, but it apparently has a maximum speed of 93 mph, though we really can't blame them for being a little hesitant to test it.

[Via Techdirt]
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