Panasonic gets ultraportable with three new Toughbooks

These three new Toughbooks from Panasonic, the CF-W5, CF-T5 and CF-Y5, aren't quite the type of laptop you can leave out in the rain or dropkick across the room, but they should handle a bump or three just fine with their magnesium-alloy bodies and shock-mounted hard drives. To start things off, the 12.1-inch CF-W5 sports a 60GB HDD, Core Solo processor and a purported 8 hours of battery. The 1.8-inch thickness isn't revolutionary, but the 3.1 pound weight isn't bad at all. Next up, the CF-T5 has a the same specs except for a touch sensitive screen, 3.5 pound weight, and a crazy-silly-fresh 10 hour battery. Finally, the CF-Y5 (pictured) hits up a 14.1-inch display, Bluetooth and a DVD/CD-RW drive, while still managing to weigh a mere 3.5 pounds. All three of the new Toughbooks have options for EV-DO or UMTS/HSDPA wireless modems, but sadly RAM is capped at 512MB for the W5 and T5, though the Y5 can scale up to and each max out at 1.5GB of RAM. The two 12-inchers should be dropping in October for $1,899, while the CF-Y5 is coming in December for $2,199.