Pantech's IM-U130 candybar phone

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
September 12th, 2006
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Pantech's IM-U130 candybar phone

Keeping abreast of the latest cellphone developments from Korea requires a tough stomach: it physically hurts us to see so many delicious looking phones, knowing full well that we'll never get our hands on them. Pantech & Curitel seems particularly intent on dishing out the pain with its latest phone, the SKY IM-U130 candybar, coming only days after we first saw the company's IM-U140 multimedia phone. The slightly asymmetrical silver and white case design appears to be the most attractive feature, although the 2-megapixel camera, MP3 player coupled with A2DP Bluetooth support, and 512MB memory says more than just "shallow fashion phone" to us.
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