Meet BluScreen, another Bluetooth-based advertising system

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.13.06

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Meet BluScreen, another Bluetooth-based advertising system
While this isn't the first time that we've heard of Bluetooth-enabled advertising, we still think it's an intriguing idea. Researchers at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton in the UK have come up with their own way to connect this nearly-ubiquitous cellphone technology with dynamic advertising in the department hallway, calling it BluScreen. The 22-inch hall-mounted screen is a working prototype that detects Bluetooth devices nearby and displays advertising and announcements once detected -- making sure to use each unique Bluetooth identifier to log what advertisements are displayed so that none are repeated. We wonder though, how this announcement will play out in Paris once the French get wind of it. They hate it when the English start competing with them.

[Via NewScientistTech]
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