Top 10 awful achievements

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Top 10 awful achievements
Let's face it, some 360 achievements are pretty difficult to get. Others are pretty easy. However, there are some that are too easy or too hard. And of course there are those that are just stupid (here's looking at you Kong). GamersReports has taken our distaste for crappy achievements and combined them with our love of easily digestible lists of information. The product of this peanut butter/chocolate creation? A top ten list of the worst achievements on the Xbox 360, of course! Even better, Joystiq went to the trouble of recreating this list, which we will delicately lift for our own personal gain. It's the American way. Behold:

  • Mini-Games (Enter the Mini-Games mode); Madden 2007
  • Pyromaniac (Jack used fire to scare off enemies and get out of harm's way); King Kong
  • The Graduate (Earn the highest score on every drill in Training Mode); Rockstar Table Tennis
  • Tactical Instructor (Top marks in every Story Mode mission); Chromehounds
  • Play Some Online (Compete in each of the online game modes at least once); Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006
  • Food Bank; Feeding Frenzy
  • Game Master (Finish the entire game without continuing while using default settings); Smash TV
  • Complete 99 Stages (standard mode); Bomberman: Act Zero
  • Transmissionary (Answer all calls from Otis); Dead Rising
  • World Champion (Multiplayer: Climb to the top of the universal leaderboard); GRAW
Do you agree with this list? Any others you'd care to throw up there?

[Via Joystiq]
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