Atelier Iris scans

A little over 24 hours after we reported on an installment in the popular franchise Atelier Iris coming to the DS, we're now happy to report that visuals of the title have surfaced. Scanned in by a poster over at NeoGAF, the Japanese magazine shows not only concept art for the title, but also some in-game sprites and environments. While we lack the means to translate any of the text in eachscan, we would never let such a thing stop us from making up the game's scenario ourselves.

Based in the secluded village of Pancakington, the player will take the role of young Flappy Flapjack. Enrolled in the local chapter of Batter Magic Academy, players must guide the hero through the trials and tribulations of becoming the world's finest Buttermilk Mage. Spreading syrup, utilizing ancient flipping arts, and complex alchemy are just a few of the school's skills the player must master before he is ready to tackle the world's greatest foe and oldest evil in Archmage Healthfoodguy.

And before you ask, yes, we would so totally play a game like that. For really reals.