Sling CEO sez Mac client poised to launch

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.15.06

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Sling CEO sez Mac client poised to launch
There's great news afoot in the world of the Slingbox, so we'll get right to it: in an interview yesterday with The Guardian, Blake Krikorian, chief executive of Sling Media, dropped some pretty significant info on the future of the SlingPlayer and SlingBox. First, he said that the beta of the Mac client would finally be released worldwide this week -- though given that the week is just about over, we're not sure how that's possible. Second, he told the British newspaper that while Sling had already released a Windows Mobile Smartphone version and a Pocket PC version, more mobile support would be added "before the end of the year" -- look out, S60 and Palm fanatics. Finally, he discussed Sling's business plans; specifically, how Sling's recent deal to put its software in another company's box may not just be a one-off. "Slingbox is a type of product where it starts to make sense to get TV and high-speed data from one place because our product means you can get your TV anywhere," he opined. We're not sure if that means we'll see a simple re-brand, or if a whole new licensing scheme is on the table -- Blake, we're watching you.

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Update: Sling gave us a ring, and it's not good news, Mac fans. It would appear The Guardian misquoted Blake, and the above with regard to the Mac client is, well, not entirely accurate. According to Sling, they're still on track for release this year of the Mac client, and do actually expect to have the public beta launched by October. But that this-week-launch thing, not gonna happen. Fret not, we have a feeling it's got more to do with them getting it right than it does with unabashedly trying to piss off the Mac community, you know?
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