TABLETmedia's iTalkie P2P walkie-talkie for Windows Mobile

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TABLETmedia's iTalkie P2P walkie-talkie for Windows Mobile
The folks at TABLETmedia are trying to get you to toss your antiquated walkie-talkie in favor of something a little more au courant, recently releasing its "groundbreaking" iTalkie P2P software for Windows Mobile devices. Aimed squarely at vertical market customers (though nothing's stopping the rest of us), it'll allow for both one-to-one calling and paging over a PA system -- the latter requiring a PC gateway with its sound card plugged into the system itself. It also one-ups the old-school walkie-talkie in one area, with presence indication so you can see when your fellow co-workers are available to chat with/distract from work. If you want to give it a test run, you can snag an extremely time-limited trial version (five minutes of use), or just grab the full version for $29.95. That's for a single device license -- a two-license pack's also available for $39.95, with a 5-license pack including the Windows PC gateway software running you $299.95.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]
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