Taiko Festival Master gameplay footage

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David Hinkle
September 19th, 2006
Taiko Festival Master gameplay footage

If you've never given Taiko Drum Master a whirl, we highly suggest you do. Yes, we understand you probably do not own a PS2, what with it being the "devil's machine" and all, but that's what friends are for! Next time you're over a pal's house "borrow" their console and "suggest" that they purchase the game. Of course by "borrow" we mean "steal" and by "suggest" we mean "take their wallet, use their charge card, and leave their body in the river." It's not like they were much of a friend anyway. They owned a PS2...

Clearly we neglected to take our meds today. Even clearlier is the fact that we can't be that insane if we recognize our own insanity and our own need to take medication for said insanity. However, the clearliest is that Taiko Festival Master looks fun in the video that is embedded into the post, after the break.

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