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Canon's Media Storage M30 and M80 photo and video viewers

Canon's Media Storage M30 and M80 photo and video viewers
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|September 25, 2006 10:01 AM

Well, this makes sense: Canon, like Epson (long) before them, just jumped into the digital storage game with their Media Storage M30 and M80 devices. Equipped with either a 1.8-inch 30GB or 80GB disk (we'll let you guess which model has which), each brings a biggie, 3.7-inch ultra-bright TFT screen with 160-degree viewing angle for image and video review -- just a hair smaller than that offered by Epson's lineup. Both of these rugged magnesium alloy units feature a USB 2.0 interface, slots for CF and SD cards, a password option to protect your media, and 1/8-inch audio jack to review sound. Supported formats include Canon RAW, MPEG, MP3, and WAV. And just to lock you in, this device uses the same battery as the Canon EOS 5D, 20D or 30D and WFT E1 Wireless File Transmitter unit. Price and availability? We'll just have to wait since Canon hasn't even gone live with the deets on their site yet.
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