Cooking Mama adds some sizzle to the Wii

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|09.25.06

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Cooking Mama adds some sizzle to the Wii

Cooking Mama happens to be one of our favorite relatives. She taught us well in Cooking Mama DS and now she is back in the kitchen (no misogynistic undertone intended) for the Wii with Cooking Mama: Cooking With International Friends.

By the sound of it, there could be a ton of dishes to choose from all around the world. That's just us guessing but it would be nice to learn how to properly chop up meat for a big bowl of Zharkoye.

Check out the screens to get a glimpse of this Wii title. We anticipate that it will be similar to the DS version with actions like chopping, stirring, slicing and dicing. An element we are hoping for would be flipping burgers or sauteing vegetables using the Wiimote.

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