De-glossing an Onyx DS is torture most foul [update 1]

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|09.25.06

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De-glossing an Onyx DS is torture most foul [update 1]

It's always interesting to see what people will do to their systems. Especially their expensive, pretty ones.

The Onyx DS (or, black DS) happens to be, in our opinion, the sleekest, sexiest system released on this planet. The fact that our fingerprints were visible after playing doesn't bother us. We simply carry around a soft cloth to wipe them away after long sessions with Starfox Command, and consider it a small price to pay to the gods of sleek design.

While we have no problems seeing the DS covered in shiny goodness, some people disagree. This difference of views can sometimes lead to experimentation of the most brutal kind.

NeoGAFfer Dice isn't too satisfied with the glare on his Onyx DS. He decided to experiment with this in a very painful way. Overt your eyes, weak-stomached ones. This one kicks you right in the gut.

Behold what happens when you take equipment used for fingernails to a DS. The end results are icky and can be seen on the second page of the thread. Is there some kind of system abuse line we can call to make the pain stop?

[Thanks JC!]

[Update 1: Pesky typos!]

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