PS3: No price cut for the US, Dolby TrueHD audio support in but component cables out?

With the November launch date closing in, we still have a lot of unanswered questions about Sony's Playstation 3 and apparently so do they. What we do know is the 20% price cut in Japan will not be applied in the US, and that 80/20 launch split is up in the air. In an interview with Wired, Phil Harrison said the Japanese price adjustment was to hit "magic price points" after consumers there reacted badly to the initially announced price. In the same article fellow Sony execs Kaz Hirai and Ken Kutaragi were unsure if component video cables would be included, and seemed to lean towards "no". With HDMI already confirmed out of the $500/$600 box, we're trying to figure out how Sony is going start the HD era without any cables, S-video just isn't very next gen. At least there's some good news to report, as they officially announced Dolby TrueHD audio support for up to 7.1 channels and Dolby Digital 5.1 support for games. Although there aren't any Dolby TrueHD Blu-ray movies out yet, once there are a large number of players on the shelf we're sure studios will include it, or at least bring them over from cross platform HD DVD releases. You don't need David Copperfield to figure out that a lower price and guaranteed out of the box HDTV support would go a long way to getting us from behind this keyboard and camped out in front of local electronics retailers.

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