Sirius Stiletto 100: the rest of the story

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Sirius Stiletto 100: the rest of the story
We've been all over the place with this Sirius Stiletto 100 portable player, with rumored specs a'flying, a launch window stretched to the limit, and even a bit of RIAA drama. We still don't have an actual launch date -- that would be too easy -- but we've got the info on just about everything you could care to know about the little player, thanks to a conveniently "live" official site for the player. Of course, you've probably already heard the basics by now: live satellite radio, 802.11b WiFi (with WEP and WPA support), a purtiful screen (2.2-inches at a QVGA res) and a good helping of storage (turns out to be 2GB of NAND flash) for live radio recording and for pre-loaded PlaysForSure action. Now we've got the nitty gritty. The player comes with dual batteries out of the box, a standard version that makes the unit measure 1-inch thick in total, and powers 4 hours of satellite radio, 8 hours of Sirius Internet Radio (over WiFi) and 20 hours of library playback, along with a slim version that trims things down to 0.72-inches, but halves all those battery scores. As for other dimensions, the Stiletto measures 4.6-inches tall, 2.1-inches wide and weighs 5.6 and 4.6 ounces with standard and slim batteries, respectively. There's also a set of antenna headphones, earbuds and a PC sync cable included in the box. Sirius, of course, has a whole complement of accessories for the player, including vehicle and home docking kits, and a Stiletto Executive System dock with built-in speakers. We're still holding out for a September release date here, so start prepping your $350 for this fall's satellite hotness.

[Thanks, Ian Z.]
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