Dash Navigation's Dash Express

It's a GPS device; no, it's a WiFi enabled; no, it's a cellular device; wrong again, it's all three. It's Dash Navigation's Dash Express, the new dynamic GPS system which goes beyond today's rudimentary XM and FM traffic datacasting and gets to the nitty gritty. Not only is it able to pull locations you email to Dash Express so you don't have to type or (shudder) speak it, this GPS device also updates current road conditions on the fly based on the speed and locations of other Dash Express users as well as historical traffic data (all of which will be supposedly kept safely anonymous); the device paired with the service will supposedly automagically route you around the next car cluster faster than you can scream at the top of your lungs, "WHO TAUGHT YOU TO DRIVE, SCUMBAG!" Price is yet unknown (as well was whether there will be a monthly service fee -- which we can assume there will be), but apparently this DEMOfall debuter will be ready to ride for Californians in early 2007.

[Thanks, Josh J.]