Daewoo's voice-recognizing microwave

Apparently being able to zap your meal in favor of kindling up a fire using sticks and lighter fluid just isn't efficient enough. If you'd prefer to maximize your couch time even more by not even mashing buttons on the face of your microwave, Daewoo's new device hears you loud and clear. Sporting a countertop design (as opposed to the "in-a-drawer" variety), brushed aluminum finish, and ironically enough, a full-fledged keypad, the voice recognition microwave recalls up to 40 cooking commands to get things fired up with just a shout. Niceties include its ability to react to anyone's voice (not just the programmer) as well as automatically determining the time required to properly heat / cook your food. Daewoo claims a "95 percent accuracy" rate on its automated determinations, so be sure not to scold it too fiercely when it torches your dinners the other 5 percent of the time.

[Via OhGizmo]