Amazon unveils Zune accessory gallery

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.29.06

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Amazon unveils Zune accessory gallery
While Amazon has done a commendable job in (presumably) dispelling the hot air of a Griffin spokesperson, it's not always, um, entirely reliable. However, we'd bet the gallery of Zune accessories gracing its pages now weren't uploaded erroneously. Boasting everything from the premium earphones, travel pack, FM transmitter, and dock to the sync cable, wireless remote, A / V cable, and car charger that we've known were on the way, we're just glad we can finally match a face with a name. Although none of the Microsoft-branded accessories are priced or available for pre-order, the Zunes themselves certainly are (in all three colors, no less) for those who aren't feeling lucky. Say, doesn't that dock connector look awfully familiar?

[Thanks, Darryl]
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