Armored Core 4 release date set in Japan

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|09.29.06

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Armored Core 4 release date set in Japan
We can get our mech-smashing on earlier than anticipated! Well, in Japan. Just a month after launch, on December 14, Japan will get its grubby hands on the much-hyped, much-awesome title, Armored Core 4. Jealous, U.S.? We in the states (and Canada!) can still expect this puppy in Spring of '07. Oh, and the price is kinda high. It's going for about 8,190 yen, which is quite a markup from the casual 6,800 pricing of Sonic and Sega Golf. Then again... Armored Core games have always been this price in Japan, so let's not think this is indicative of anything dubious, shall we?
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