Bethesda confirms Oblivion to PSP in Spring 2007

Chris Powell
C. Powell|09.30.06

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Bethesda confirms Oblivion to PSP in Spring 2007
Bethesda confirms Oblivion to PSP in Spring 2007Yesterday, we broke news that 1UP broke news of the Official Playstation Magazine breaking news of Oblivion heading to the PSP and PS3. Did ya get all that?

Well, now we get confirmation right from the source. Yeah, that's right, Bethesda has issued a press release confirming Oblivion is headed to the PSP in spring 2007. In America, the game will be published by Bethesda, while Ubisoft will publish it in Europe.

As if you didn't already know, this is a huge win for the PSP and PS3. I don't think there's anyone in their right mind who would argue that the PSP is the only major handheld system on the market that has enough horsepower to properly handle a game like Oblivion.

It's times like this that help me forget about things like hardware sales charts and focus on the massive amount of great games on the PSP's horizon. It truly is a great time to be a gamer.

[Via Bethesda]
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