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T-Mobile to get Motorola V3i as V3t?

T-Mobile to get Motorola V3i as V3t?
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|September 29, 2006 1:00 PM
In case you hadn't heard, Motorola is in the process of releasing its RAZR successor, the K1 and K1m, across the globe. Actually, we probably shouldn't have told you that, because we think T-Mobile wants you to get excited about their RAZR V3t -- a phone that seems to be nothing more than an old-skool V3i with some T-Mobile customization. If it launches at a low enough price point, we'll forgive 'em -- let's just make sure that K1 comes along for the ride too, mkay, guys? Look for the V3t to grace stores in October.

[Thanks, Matthew K.]