Last Week in Warcraft: Sept 25th - Oct 1st

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|10.02.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Sept 25th - Oct 1st

The Burning Crusade

Official druid talents announced!
A number of tasty tidbits from the forums.
Speculation on changes to +crit in the expansion.
Turalyon's Pride -- new legendary weapon, or myth?
Are raiding guilds getting preferential beta invitations?
Also headed our way in the expansion -- a newer, stronger, faster LFG system.
Another hint on the expansion release date? Apparently, the Burning Crusade strategy guide is coming out on November the 15th.
The full story (as we know it) on Blizzard's Burning Crusade beta invite plan.
Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.
Additional tiny bits of information from the forums.
These character screens give us a bit of information about stats in the Burning Crusade.

Breakfast Topics & discussion
So when do you think we'll see the Burning Crusade expansion?
Your first WoW wow moment.
Mike asks about your toon's name.
David wonders... who are you?
Do you have an opinion on the game's whiniest class?
What's your favorite realm type?
I'm unconvinced, but do you think healing is womens' work?
Do you already have your Burning Crusade "to do" list in order?

More of our favorite DPS-adin doing what he does best.

Tips & tricks
WoW Rookie talks about choosing your realm wisely.

Around Azeroth

Take a look inside Blackrock Spire.
Visit scenic Desolace!
The loneliest farm in Kalimdor. No, really!
The impressive Maraudine War Horn.
Wisps hovering arond the World Tree.
Playing "follow the leader" -- Azeroth style.
Meet Archimonde.

Another set of comic contest honorable mentions.
The Gurubashi Gold screenshot contest begins!
September's comic contest winner has been announced!

Bugs & maintenance

Extended weekly maintenance on some US realms to make time for hardware upgrades.
Patch 1.12.1 released! Be sure to check the patch notes.
New patches, new bugs -- after 1.12.1, a disconnect inside a dungeon meant you'd reconnect at your hearthstone location. Fun!
The smooth transition between 1.12 and 1.12.1 was not as smooth as expected, as Blizzard backs off on some of the claims it made with regards to riding skill.
Huzzah -- the hearthstone bug has been squashed.
Riding skill problems addressed.
Undocumented buffs in Zul'Gurub -- or are they bugs?
A bit of Saturday downtime for US database maintenance.

Guilds & raiding

Another week, another GuildWatch. Read up for all the guild news you can handle.

Blizzard news
Blizzard 1, rumor sites, 0.
Have some friends who aren't hooked yet? Blizzard seems to have dropped the retail price of the boxed game.

Odds & ends
NotAddicted speculates on the various types of drama queen you're likely to find in Azeroth.
This Blog Roundup covers raiding & class balance, the mysterious new resilience stat, as well as some opinions of the Paladin talent tweaks.
Azeroth with all the options turned up.
While many players beg for new realms, some just want a stable population on their existing realm.
Thottbot, without any of its comments? Say it ain't so!
For this Blog Roundup, we've got world PvP, WoW & snacking, guild hoppers, and gloating priests.
World of Warcraft meets South Park? I am afraid... I am very afraid.
Thottbot's comments return -- hurray!
This week's Phat Loot Phriday brings us the awesome power of the Cruel Barb!
Here's a video clip of the much awaited South Park/WoW crossover!

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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