Joystiq at Nintendo World Store: in video

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Joystiq at Nintendo World Store: in video

The Nintendo World Store hosted a very special event on Tuesday for its fans. They brought Fusion Tour headliners Hawthorne Heights to their NYC flagship store to perform a live acoustic set ... but, that wasn't the real reason Nintendo fans flocked by the hundreds to this midtown mecca. Nintendo also granted their eager, sweaty fanboy hands access to the elusive Wiimote and games like Wii Sports, Excite Truck, Wario Ware, and Metroid Prime. Check out my exciting adventures in picture and video form, after the break.

This is my first-ever video (and post) for Joystiq... Try not to be too harsh with the comments!

Nintendo says NO to education by encouraging tons of students to cut school. It worked.

Those that survived the wait were treated to some Wii gaming. But why was the disc reader not glowing blue?

There were plenty of Wii consoles connected to some nice flat-panel HDTVs, proving that Nintendo really doesn't believe in HD.

Wario Ware trains a new generation of Nintendo fans to become stronger soldiers in their war.

Fans had to wait patiently through three songs from Hawthorne Heights before they were allowed to go back and play. (Don't worry: they were cool about it. "We know you guys are here to play the Wii," they said, so they kept things short.)

If I were Ludwig, I'd have a much funnier caption for this picture.

Playing with the Wii will make anyone, including celebrities, look a little silly. (Me? I always look dumb.)

They took one look at me and screamed: "OH MY GOD DUDE! IT'S THE GUY FROM THE 1UP SHOW!!!" I told them, bitterly, you wish.
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