Sony rep: No PSP price drop this year

Chris Powell
C. Powell|10.07.06

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Sony rep: No PSP price drop this year
Sony rep: No PSP price drop in 2007If you were waiting for a PSP price drop to come in the near future, you should stop now because it doesn't look like one will come in time for Christmas this year.

"We don't necessarily see the need to cut the price," John Koller, a product manager at Sony Computer Entertainment, told Reuters. "We need to offer broader value and introduce new consumers to what the PSP can do."

He went on to say there will be near 110 new games by the end of the year and that since the PSP is a diverse system, with the ability to play games, download video and enjoy media, its does not compare directly to the other handheld systems.

Wow, it sounds as if Mr. Koller is trying to distance the PSP from competing with the DS, which might not be a bad idea considering the current situation in Japan. Also, Sony better get cracking if they plan on shipping that many games because there are only about 85 days until the end of the year. Sony has promised us some pretty incredible things over the years that never came to fruition, and I'm afraid this may be another broken promise.

[Via DCEmu]
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