Finally! 50GB Blu-ray movies are here!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|10.09.06

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Finally! 50GB Blu-ray movies are here!
Some may say that 50GB of space for a single movie is way too much and is completely useless. Some may be right, but that doesn't make such things cease to exist. Face it -- 50GB Blu-ray movies have arrived. Which can you expect to be bundled with your PS3 upon launch (hypothetically)? Well, Click comes out on October 10th. A more likely contender (although a little more violent... just a little) is Black Hawk Down, releasing on November 14th. Then the fan favorite, Talledega Nights, arrives on December 12th.

The movies boast high interactivity, using the new Sony "Blu-Wizard" authoring environment. It should have been called Blu-Mage, then it could learn other movies' abilities (anyone? anyone? Ah, it's so lonely being an RPG nutcase). Anyway, cool on the Blu-ray movies. If the interactivity and added features really enhance the experience of owning the movie compared to a "lowly" DVD version, perhaps we will find more people welcoming the format.
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