RED recovers stolen gear, but valuable IP still missing

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.09.06

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RED recovers stolen gear, but valuable IP still missing
Good news for fans of ultra high definition imaging: RED Digital Cinema (and Oakley) founder Jim Jannard is reporting that almost all of the equipment stolen a few weeks back -- including the aluminum prototype, a lens, and several computers -- has been successfully recovered by a team of private investigators. As you probably know by now, RED was founded with the intention of bringing professional-quality camcorders into the hands of the common man (well, the common man who has $17,000 to spare), and its first 4K footage became available for public consumption shortly before the break-in. Jannard writes that the stolen gear was broken up into two parts, and while the camera and related hardware are back in safe hands, computers with potentially valuable development info are still missing. He goes on to caution us against speculating about "the motives of the thieves or any connection with the industry," and doesn't delve any further into the specifics of the recovery efforts; however, with information about the project and the Mysterium sensor still in the wild, we can't help but speculate (sorry, Jim) that the IP was the most valuable aspect of this crime to whomever perpetrated it. We'll keep you updated on this case as it progresses, but if you happen to see anyone selling the plans for an 11.4 megapixel camcorder out of the back of a truck, please do the right thing and give Team RED a heads up.

[Via CrunchGear]
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