EB/GameStop PS3 pre-order bonanza

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Paul Miller
October 10th, 2006
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EB/GameStop PS3 pre-order bonanza
If hadn't already heard, today's the day to get on with your PS3 pre-order badself at your local EB Games or GameStop location. That is, if you haven't already done your pre-order somewhere else, or haven't decided to forgo the PS3 entirely for that attractive "Wii60" alternative. Unfortunately, the console looks to be in quite limited supply, so you had best get over there on the double if you don't want to be playing with your sister's Barbie dolls come this November. Reports vary, but from the sound of things, most stores are getting 16 units, with 2 of those available to store employees, which should give a pretty good indication of the scarcity of the PS3 headed into the holidays -- GameSpot and EB can't even guarantee those numbers to pre-order customers, who will be required to put down a $100 for this quasi-assurance. Oh well, you and your sister can always "B who U wanna B" this fall while you wait for those elusive blue lasers to stockpile.

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