After Burner lands on PSP

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|10.11.06

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After Burner lands on PSP
Back in August, Sega convinced Planet Moon Studios to develop a PSP addition to one of their classic franchises. Specifics were left up to debate, with Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and several other Sega classics touted as being the next to see a strong PSP revival. Eurogamer now reports that the game is, in fact, After Burner: Black Falcon, no doubt an exciting aerial ballet of destruction that has you piloting an advanced plane, shooting down other planes and then being shot down by even more planes.

Due for release in Spring next year and stuffed with 19 customizable planes and Wi-Fi play, Black Falcon will have to work hard to eject the original game's addictive gameplay from our minds. If it wasn't possible to relive the arcade experience from within Sega's own Shenmue II, we would likely still be playing After Burner in a seedy arcade at this very moment. Well, either that or ... why yes, we shall try another game of Lucky Hit.
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