Wiimote + AI = Skynet?

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David Hinkle
October 12th, 2006
Wiimote + AI = Skynet?

AiLive, a company that focuses on developing artificial intelligence algorithms and software packages for games, has recently scored a partnership with Nintendo to develop the tool LiveMove. LiveMove is a development tool focused on making the Wiimote "learn" from player's movements. The goal is to make the development easier by allowing developers to program the Wiimote for more natural movements.

According to the official site for LiveMove, the program, while using less than 5% of the Wii's CPU, can recognize up to forty different motions on up to eight Wiimotes at once. Pretty soon, we imagine through the use of this tool, the Wiimote will know how much salt we enjoy on our french fries and, even sooner, how much pressure to apply to human craniums for massive damage. Is Judgment Day coming?

[Via 4cr]
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