Rumor: New info on firmware 3.0 to be released on Gamer's Day [Update 1]

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Rumor: New info on firmware 3.0 to be released on Gamer's Day [Update 1]

People seem to be real antsy about the release of the upcoming 3.0 firmware from Sony, and lame fakers on the internet are capitalizing on our anticipation. According to PlayStation forum user, Leah, the 3.0 firmware upgrade will be released this Thursday at Sony's Gamer's Day. Here's what she said:
"Sony will be reveling the information as well as dating the release about the next major update at Gamer's Day in San Francisco on October 19th. You guys will just love the new "Remote Play" feature, located under the "Network" icon, which allows you to access the PLAYSTATION® 3 from the PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable)."
Once again, I'm going to say that this is a fake. Why? What's the point of releasing Remote Play before the PS3 is even available? There might be some credibility to her story: the thread got locked suspiciously quickly, and she properly CAPITALIZED PLAYSTATION (the proper spelling is all caps, according to Sony). She even threw in the Registered® and Trademark™ symbols on everything appropriately. Regardless, I believe the show on Thursday will most likely focus solely on the PS3, digital distribution, and will provide news about PSP-PS3 connectivity. If there is a firmware upgrade this Thursday, I'm placing my bets it'll be a minor release, like 2.90. If it gives me the abillity to stream videos over RSS, I'll be perfectly content.

Joystiq will be live at the event this Thursday, so we'll find out the truth then.

[Via Maxconsole; Thanks, steve!]

[Update 1: D'oh! I am dumb. If I knew how to read, I'd see that info will be released, not the firmware itself. Please excuse my brain death. I'll blame the new Santa Clause movie, because it's the "best holiday trilogy ever." Ugh. Feel free to ridicule me in the comments section. Go! Hurry, do it!]
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